edited by Gary J. Svehla and Susan Svehla
6x9 paperback, 320 pages,
Revised 2007 Edition

The first entry in the Midnight Marquee Actors Series offers in-depth analyses of over 32 of the films that helped create Lugosi's cinematic persona as the first true horror film legend. This book covers Lugosi's films from the pre-Dracula early sound ear, details his Universal and 1930s' classics, investigates his stint on poverty row at Monogram and PRC in the 1940s, and explores the downward spiral and his much discussed film work for Edward D. Wood, Jr. in the 1950s. Some of today's foremost horror film writers contributed to this exploration of Bela Lugosi's work in Midnight Marquee's most successful book.  Since it was our very first book, we have refined our layout skills and felt the time was ripe for a revised edition.