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Exploring the Natural Horror Film

By Lee Gambin

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Birds do it, Bees do it, even educated fleas do it—plus frogs, alligators, dogs, wolves, hurricanes, sharks, Trees, Thundertorms....they all do it, Turn on Humans with bloody results, all in blood red color! Massacred by Mother Nature is a sentimentally heartfelt look at this extremely popular and prolific subgenre we call the natural horror film. Since Hitchcock initially gave us his frightening flock, the natural horror film is much-loved, not only by horror movie fans, but by cinephiles who revel in great storytelling and enjoy the carnage bought on by the paragon of animals. These films, as popular and highly successful as they’ve proven, are also seldom discussed or referenced, so I offer an insightful interpretation and critique on numerous angry animal movies I adore. From the electrically-driven evil worms in Squirm, to the vengeful killer whale in Orca, and to the sheer brilliance of the menacing bear in Grizzly (a film made by a maverick filmmaker that far too many know nothing about; a genius taken away from us too soon, Mr. William Girdler), this book is to enlighten and offer clear insight into the movies, as well as the people involved in making these movies so memorable, for fans like myself.

many audience members, including hardcore horror fans, forget that the third subgenre of the early ’70s, the natural-horror film, was born alongside that of cinema demonica and body horror (as well as the latter’s prolific daughter, the stalk ‘n’ slash film) and was just as successful and fruitful. Perhaps there weren’t as many eco-terror movies as there were masked-psychopaths-on-a-murderous-rampage, but they were plentiful and each contained individual purpose and ideas. The natural horror film suggests that the real evil that will ultimately destroy us is not from another planet, not at the hands of the devil, not from supernatural beings like ghosts or vampires, not at the mercy of malicious psychopaths like Norman Bates or Leatherface and family, but from nature itself.  From the bugs and the bees and the dogs and the cats and the whales and the rats—Mother Nature is not happy, and she will slaughter the human population with the help of her friends, her loyal minions of feather, of fur and of fin.