The FANEX film convention was held in
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
from 1987 through 2005.

Originally the convention was sponsored by the Horror and Fantasy Film Society and organized by Gary and Susan Svehla.  The event was never a for profit project, it was a once a year weekend where monster movie lovers gathered to meet stars of classic genre cinema, watch movies, talk about movies and revel in movies until the popcorn came out their ears.  The first year the con was a one-day event that had about 200 attendees.  The first guest was local film historian Gregory Mank.  The next year John Agar, who became a dear friend, agreed to travel to Baltimore.  That was the start of a magical 19 years filled wtih happy memories and responsible for many new friendships and even a few weddings.  We've lost many of the stars and friends who helped make FANEX so special.  These documentaries are our loving tribute to everyone who helped make FANEX an event that will never be equaled.

Unfortunately, today filmmakers are spending so much time and money on cgi and special effects that they forget the story and characters.   Never again will an actor such as Boris Karloff be able to create a character with such pain and pathos as Frankenstein's Monster, or seduce a willing victim with only those dark piercing eyes as Bela Lugosi did in Dracula.   Hollywood will only greenlight sure moneymakers and creativity and subtleness are truly things of the past.   Perhaps that is why the FANEX classic horror film conventions ended after 19 years.   It became just a lovely ghost of a memory like the films it celebrated.